A peaceful place with long-standing history

The Guest House

“Jaunogriņi” is an old rustic style house, that is adjusted for welcoming guests, as well as hosting celebrations and parties. The house was built more than 200 years ago, as shown by the impressive chimney (manteller) in the middle of the house, typical of that time. At the time, when “Jaunogriņi” house was built, the place for any new house was carefully chosen in harmony with nature. This is an energetically powerful place, where people feel good and love to relax. While renovating the 200-year-old house, we tried not to disturb the harmony, created by our ancestors, who built the house, and we try to preserve the authentic countryside feeling here. We offer you to visit “Jaunogriņi” and enjoy the aura of the country house - relax and re-gain your strengths for the new workweek.

The House

The oldest part of the house – the large common room – is equipped with authentic stove (available for cooking food), fireplace, and a large table for 25 to 30 people. Next to the common room you will find a kitchen with all the necessary plates and dishes as well as cooking equipment. The large chimney has been re-built as an indoor fireplace with large pot, suitable for grilling or soup making.

The “newest” part of the house, which has been added to the original house in 1886, has two isolated rooms on 1st floor and a large bedroom on 2nd floor. One of the rooms on the 1st floor has a large bed, suitable for two people, the other room has two separate beds. The large bedroom on the 2nd floor can host up to 14 people. For sweeter dreams, we will make the beds for you with cotton sheets and wool blankets. Both floors have a bathroom and a toilet, the 1st floor also has a large wardrobe for changing or storing belongings.

The Bathhouses

You will have the opportunity to bathe in two types of bathhouses – a typical Latvian “Black”, also known as smoke, bathhouse, or the more common “White” bathhouse. Both bathhouses have their own ponds next to them for a refreshing swim.

In the smoke bathhouse you will enjoy a steaming and flapping with birch-branches – a Latvian tradition, which will let you enjoy the pleasant aroma and atmosphere indescribable by words.

The “White” bathhouse is a separate building, which has the bathhouse, a small common room to relax in, a shower and a toilet on the 1st floor and a bedroom with four beds (and if necessary – 6 more mattresses) on the 2nd floor. The “White” bathhouse will be suitable for up to 10 people.

For your comfort, we will have prepared birch-branch bathhouse brooms made by ourselves, as well as our own teas and honey.

The Gazebo

While relaxing at our guest house complex, you can use the log style-built gazebo. The gazebo is built in the form of a hexagon with large roof over it, so it is perfect for taking shelter in case of rain or escaping from sun in the hot summer days. The gazebo has a large rock fireplace, where it is possible to cook or grill food, or to simply get warm on colder days.

The Granary

The granary has a restored authentic stove for bread baking, in the style of bread stoves, as they were built 100 years ago. You can have the opportunity to taste our own baked bread (baked in traditional style) or even to bake a loaf of bread yourself. Nothing compares to the taste of home baked bread!

On the 2nd floor of the granary is a family room with large bed for two persons and 2 separate smaller beds. The room has table, chairs, a closet, television and radio. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet is on the 1st floor.


Sports and recreation

For sports and active lifestyle lovers we offer the opportunity to play various games – volleyball, football, basketball etc. It is also possible to go for a hike in the forest trails or along the nearby river Ogre – enjoying the peace and quiet surrounding the territory.

In the winter we offer skiing with retro skis – some of whom are probably half the age of the house. It is a rare opportunity and great fun!