About Us

“Jaunogriņi” is an old rustic style house, that is adjusted for welcoming guests, as well as hosting celebrations and parties. The house was built more than 200 years ago, as shown by the impressive chimney (manteller) in the middle of the house, typical of that time. At the time, when “Jaunogriņi” house was built, the place for any new house was carefully chosen in harmony with nature. This is an energetically powerful place, where people feel good and love to relax. While renovating the 200-year-old house, we tried not to disturb the harmony, created by our ancestors, who built the house, and we try to preserve the authentic countryside feeling here. We offer you to visit “Jaunogriņi” and enjoy the aura of the country house - relax and re-gain your strengths for the new workweek.